Weighing up your slingshot ammo choices

Own a slingshot for long enough and sooner or later, you're going to think about firing things out of it that aren't simple steel ball projectiles. We've tested a whole load of different ammo types and here are our findings.

Lead Shot

Not our favourite ammo type but beloved of slingshot hunters around the world. Lead shot is significantly heavier than steel ammo of the same diameter and so hits with a huge amount of force. We had a lot of fun smashing clay pots, splintering wood targets and blowing clean through bottles full of water. However, all this power does come with a downside. Depending on the distance, heavy projectiles like lead shot can have a very pronounced trajectory. Adding another variable that is going to effect your accuracy. Some shooters counteract this by fitting extra strong or double layer bandsets, but this wont help your accuracy either as you struggle to resist the extra resistance provided by your new heavy bands.

One thing we love about lead shot is that you can make your own custom rounds at home. All you need is a simple mould (many different designs are available online) and a solution to melting some lead at home without angering your spouse. Try it and let us know how you get on.

Clay Shot

This one is really fantastic. Sometimes called 'Baked Clay' or 'Kiln dried' Clay ammo comes in various sizes and is often dyed different colors. Its cheap, effective and fun. There are two big advantages to this ammo type, firstly upon impact the clay projectile is totally pulverized giving off a significant puff of multi colored dust and leaving a small chalk mark on your target. Fun, Right? The second advantage is simply that clay ammo is environmentally friendly. So you can let fly as much as you want without leaving hundreds of steel balls all over the back yard or worse, the great outdoors.


Anything soft, squish or bouncy is getting lumped together here as a 'safe' projectile. This includes things like bouncy balls, spherical bits of foam, and to a lesser extent things like paintballs. These all can be great options for shooting inside or if you're a new shooter, learning the mechanics of safe shooting. Of course none of these projectiles are truly safe so be a responsible shooter and wear eye protection.


Great idea on paper. Marbles are nicely spherical, in the right ballpark for weight and come in a limitless number of different color schemes and designs. In comparison to the plain jane steel shot that a lot of shooters use it makes a nice change to shoot some funky ammo. The only problem is that if you hit a hard surface they tend to smash and having to clear up shards of broken glass is a quick way to spoil a nice shooting session. Not recommended.

Playing Cards

Cutting a card in half is a classic trick shot. But have you ever thought about using playing cards as projectiles? It works! Place a card in your ammo pouch (corner first), aim as you usually would and let fly. Watch as your chosen card flies to wards your target with shocking rapidity. If you're shooting indoors without wind you can be surprisingly accurate with this. One of our favorite games to shoot cards at pieces of fruit to try and cut them in half. We will be doing an in-depth post on this idea soon so watch this space if you want to see more.



Got any oddball ammo suggestions? Get in touch and let us know - hello@deadeyeclub.com or send us a DM on Instagram @deadeyeclub