Slingshot Shenanigans - Games to play with your Wishbone Slingshot.

Nailing cans or shooting at a paper target is how most slingshot shooters get started, but if you practice a lot you might find this format getting stale. At The Dead Eye Club office we have a range set up and we shoot every day. Here’s some ways we’ve found to keep your sessions fresh!


 Walk The Line


This one is inspired by old westerns. Two shooters line up and a can is tossed on the ground not far away. Our two shooters then take it in turns to let fly at the can. The more hits you make the harder the shots get. Repeat until the can is destroyed or missing. This will really help you improve your accuracy at different ranges.


Cut The Can

This one is all about speed. Once you’ve been shooting for a while and have gained some consistent accuracy, another area you can work on is speed. Loading, aiming and shooting as quickly as you can. Two or more shooters are needed for this. Set up a sturdy can not too far away and try to put as many holes in it as you can. The shooter that succeeds in smashing the can into two or more pieces takes the win. More shooters really improve this game. After a few hits the can will be swinging around all over the place which adds another challenge.



Grab a buddy and take it in turns to do outrageous shots. For example shooting a playing card in half or hitting a can in mid-air. Shooter two will have three chances to replicate Shooter one’s antics or will lose a point. If you lose four points you lose the game and go down in history as a crappy slingshot shooter with no game. Depending on your skill level and commitment a game of S.H.O.T can go on for several days and can frequently require an impartial referee to adjudicate and prevent fights from starting.



Have you got your own slingshot games? Get in touch! You can leave us an email or DM us on instagram @deadeyeclub.