Our Manifesto


Welcome traveller. 

Our mission is to design and manufacture top quality mischief. Our gear is tough, simple and designed to last a lifetime. Every Dead Eye Club Product is the result of extensive (and fun) in house testing and we're proud to present our products to you.

Everything we do embodies the following values: 

  • Fun.¬†If it isn't insanely fun to play with we won't sell it.¬†
  • A bit dangerous.¬†Live life on the edge.¬†
  • No Batteries.¬† Dead Eye Club is about analogue fun.
  • Skill.¬†Something you can¬†learn and get better at over time.¬†

If that sounds like you then consider joining the club. 

We made a theme tune for a laugh. Try playing it on loop in the background as you browse our store buying things. Cheers!

















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