3 * Replacement Band Set


Save $20 and get this product is as part ofĀ theĀ mischief kit.

Don't get caught out on your next adventure without a backup band set.Ā Dead Eye Club bandsĀ are hand tied with our own custom laser-cut ammo pouches and are capable of staggering accuracy. Constructed from Preciseā„¢ļø latex elastic specifically formulated for slingshot use. Included with each order is the following:Ā 

  • 3 * hand tied bandsetsĀ 
  • Microfiber pouch with aiming holeĀ 
  • A resealable blackout bag to protect from sunlightĀ 

Each band set is 0.75" * 11" measured from the pouch. The pouch is 1.75".Ā 

Designed to be shot with 6mm steel balls.Ā