Mischief Kit

$99.00 $119.00

The Dead Eye Club Mischief Kit is here! It includes everything you need to start shooting a slingshot. The perfect jumping off point for any new shooter. 

Each kit includes: 

  1. A Wishbone Slingshot. ($69) Made in the USA. The classic. 
  2. An ammo puck ($30) that includes ~500 6mm steel balls to shoot. 
  3. 3 x replacement bands. ($20) You'll be set for many months of shooting. 

Normally $69 + $30 + $20 = $119 Mischief Kit 😎👉 $99

You might not know this, but slingshots are incredible little things.

  • You can extremely accurate with a slingshot. Surprisingly so. It’s like archery, but you can fit it in your pocket. 
  • Getting good at slingshots is a skill. It’s something that you can pick up easily, and get better at over time. Level up. 
  • Plinking a can (or anything, really) is one of the most satisfying things that you can do. Seriously you need to try it. Pull back, take aim, breath in… release.



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