The Wishbone


It's a slingshot. 

Deadly accurate. Easy to use. Low profile enough to throw in your pocket and forget about until your moment of need. 

Use it to shoot things. Cans, targets, low level mobs. Whatever your heart desires or what the situation necessitates. 

Each order of The Wishbone includes: 

  • 1 Theraband Gold™️ Band set.
  • Soft leather pouch. 
  • 10 * steel balls (more can be purchased here)
  • A download code for our Miss Hit accuracy tracking iOS app (normally $2.99) 
  • A lifetime warranty. Give this thing to your grandchildren. 

The frame is stamped out of a solid piece of aluminum with an anodized black finish. It arrives ready to shoot. 

Made in Denver, Colorado, USA. 🇺🇸 


Some things to consider...

  • This is a skill that you can learn, improve and get better at. Level up! 
  • You can be extremely accurate very quickly. Just follow our guide
  • There's no batteries! Throw one in your bag and it will always be ready to go.
  • Effortlessly plinking a can from distance is the most satisfying thing that it's possible to do. 

    Note: Recommended 18+. Slingshots can be dangerous. Always wear eye production and use at your own risk!